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Reprise des discussions naturelles, exposition François Champsaur

Commissariat assuré par Emmanuelle Oddo et organisée par la Villa Noailles dans le cadre de la Design Parade de Toulon,

du 27 juin au 24 novembre 2019, Ancien Evêché, Toulon, France



Desert 23°S - Atacama, Chile - September 2019

"This otherworldly region closer resembles the surface of Mars than Earth, offers the most optimal conditions for astronomical observations in the world and preserves ancient archeology beneath the sands. Within the dry landscape, lives an unbelievably diverse and rich ecosystem that remains due to the knowledge of indigenous groups who fight to protect the area from exploitative, water-intensive extraction and mining."

Tropic 08°N - Guna Yala, Panama - October 2019

"The Guna Yala Province is the first and only autonomous indigenous territory in Latin America. Since their revolution of 1925 they have been able to protect their land, culture and resources from transnational corporations and outsider interest that threatens their way of life. Through their political and territorial autonomy the Guna’s continue to fiercely protect their own people and surrounding nature."